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Today, we can say mission accomplished!


Towing Longueuil in brief

  • Established in 1979 to provide service and courtesy.
  • Incorporated in 1987, proving the seriousness and professionalism of the company.
  • In 1993, acquisition Remorquage Denis Tremblay.
  • Opening new offices on the Boulevard Taschereau Longueuil in 1994.
  • 1994-2000: growth period of the fleet and also reachable cities as Boucherville.
  • 2000: creation of the transport division of functional vehicles (jockey).
  • 2004: Sebastien Roy joined the team.
  • 2006: creation of the division of specialized transportation.
  • 2008-2013: obtaining exclusive towing contracts (eg : Ministry of Transport of Quebec).
  • 2013: Moving 5950 Boulevard Marie-Victorin Brossard
  • 2014: Moving to 3950, Boulevard Losch Saint-Hubert
  • 2015: Moving to 3225, Boulevard Losch Saint-Hubert

Our capabilities and services have increased, but our initial goal is to offer our customers the best possible service, while being courteous at all times, has never changed! A major company offering competitive prices and exceptional service, while staying close to our clients and responsive to their needs, as we did when we only had one tow truck!

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Specialists with extensive training, safety is our priority!

Jockey Service

  • Service across Canada!
  • Many years of experience
  • For light and heavy vehicles of all kinds
  • Professionalism and satisfaction

Emergency roadside assist

  • Tire Change Assistance,
  • Overheated Vehicle Assist,
  • Inclement Weather Assist,
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery,
  • Door unlocking,
  • Installation of spare tires,
  • Car boosting,
  • Helping for all car troubles : out of gas, flat tire, accident, etc.


  • Disabled Vehicle Towing
  • Illegally Parked Vehicles Towing
  • Medium & Heavy Duty Towing
  • Towing heavy and light vehicles
  • Tow Pound services
  • Picking up vehicles for scrap
  • Specialized towing

Specialized Transport

  • Metals of all kinds
  • Machine for industrial production
  • Machinery
  • Container
  • Movie sets, generator
  • Expertise
  • Transport of goods
Contact us at 450-442-2121
24 Hour Dispatch Service


Notre fierté

Our vehicles are the pride of the company. For us, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a platform 8 tons, brand new, proudly helping one of our clients. Safe equipment, looking great and adequate to carry all kinds of vehicles, this is what our customers deserve.


As you can see from our pictures, your vehicle will always be in good hands with the sole Service de Remorquage Longueuil!

  • Safe vehicles
  • Professionalism
  • Quality services
  • Staff courtesy

Former office

On boulevard Taschereau, Longueuil


Over 35 vehicles to serve you!


Towing, Jockey and Specialized Transportation


Courtesy, professionalism, competence

Towing - it can be disastrous

Call us instead !

A great team to serve you better!


A qualified team!

Our company has always believed that skilled labor is the basis of the success we've had over the years. The team has a unique chemistry and sue it to offer its customers this from the beginning, a team:

  • Qualified and friendly drivers
  • Effective and caring receptionists
  • Managers listening and understanding

Many of our staff have attended courses and seminars to prepare them better understand the work environment in which they operate. For example, Mr Sébastien Normand Roy and have successfully completed 65 hours of training for business management. Mr. Gilbert Ouellet also fully trained for safety during transport machinery and operations during delivery. Many of our drivers have also managed a forklift operator training. Almost all our drivers took the course on the new rules on driving hours. This course were followed to school road of Drummondville. In addition, this school was mandated to come and offer training to our tugs. This course is designed to train our drivers on checks to be made before the start of their vehicle. Finally, we entered into an agreement with a mutual CSST and a prevention specialist in the coming weeks will offer a one-day workshop to all employees for the prevention of accidents at work.

New location


24/7: Our call center and our towing services are available 24 hours / 24, 7 days / 7

Business Hours of the office:

Monday - Friday: 8am to 12am - 1pm to 6pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 5pm


3225, Boulevard Losch
Saint-Hubert, QC, J3Y 3V6

Servives available on the South Shore:

La Prairie,
Greenfield Park



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  • Towing Longueuil

    Towing specialized

    Boosting car battery


    Transport specialized

    Transport of goods

  • Towing Saint-Hubert

    We offer assistance for flat tire, battery boost and emergency recovery
  • Towing Boucherville

    If you have problems with illegally parked cars, think about our towing services to help you with tow policy enforcement
  • Towing Brossard

    When the car does not start, call us for a boost
  • Towing Chambly

    When you forget your keys, use our unlocking service
  • Towing La Prairie

    We also offer a specialized transportation services
  • Towing Greenfield Park

    For example, for the transport outsized